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Shooting the Martin Archery Locust bow 58" AMO at Woodley Park Archery Range
Shooting the Martin Archery Locust bow 58″ AMO at Woodley Park Archery Range

tricks, and product reviews. We share our passion for anything stick and string; from hunting to target archery at the range. We regularly find our favorite products for review from archery to general outdoor gear reviews. We share our stories of outdoor adventures and remember our chatter around a campfire. Learn how to tune your bow, pick out your first bow, make a fire, explore new areas, or keep up to date with the latest releases from your favorite manufacturers. 

Stick Hunters is founded on introducing people to the outdoor life with a specific interest archery. We’re a group of friends who found a new way to connect with the outdoors, not just as spectators, but as participants. While hunting isn’t the only thing we’re interested in, we’re pretty interested in it. We just want to hangout around a campfire, shoot pointy sticks at beer cans, and taste a bit of the wild when we can. 

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