archery games

One of my other hobbies is competition pocket-pool with 9-ball being my forte. I had the idea to marry the two and make an archery game out of the concept of 9-ball pocket pool for friendly archery afternoons. There’s hardly a better feeling than totally dominating your friends in a competition where luck, skill, and strategy are matched.  9-ball is a game where you strike the cue ball with the objective of striking and pocketing object balls in ascending order, from 1 to 9. In the archery version of this game, you  shoot at the white cue ball before you can score points. I’ve outlinedRead More →

New Archers

New to Archery – What do I need? My coworker and friend recently decided that she wanted to be introduced into the world of archery. Her idea stemmed from having her kids watch Hunger Games and deciding it would be a badass hobby to get into. After one trip to the archery range with me, she decided that she would be getting into archery and outfitting entire family. Being that her kids are young, she needed gear recommendations for the new archers both in youth and adult sizes. She enlisted the help of an archery instructor, and in my opinion, the gear recommendations the instructor provided wasRead More →

Shooting the Martin Poplar bow

Author’s Note: I’ve had a relationship with Martin Archery in the past so a lot of my recurve bow knowledge comes from a place of working closely with these particular bows. There are several other great examples of affordable recurve bows out there including the Samick Sage and the Samick ILF bow, but this gives you an idea of what one company offers.  Getting in to the sport of archery can be a very daunting place filled with endless resources, both good and bad. New archers are generally born when they try out gear at their local club,after their first lesson, or after borrowing a friend’s bow. AtRead More →

Instinctive shooting a longbow at a water bottle

Many archers in the tradbow world want to learn how to shoot instinctively. Instinctive shooting – the idea of staring at a target and having your arrow land where you want it to be – is the sought after skill where traditional archers want to live. Traditional archery, for the most part, has always been instinctive. It would be silly seeing archers on horseback with sighted bows in the pages of your history books.  Why should I shoot instinctively when I can slap on a sight and group at 100-yards? Well, a similar question could be asked about the purpose of shooting a recurve overRead More →

SAS Spirit Beginner bow

Changing the Game When the Samick Sage, the low-price, high quality, korean-based bow hit the target archery scene, it disrupted the archery market in a huge way. At just over $100 at the time ($140 as of this writing), the price point couldn’t be touched when comparing recurve bows of similar quality. Bows known for quality were made in the states, and statesmen craftsmanship came with a price. Bows made overseas were plastic and gimmicky. When the Sage hit the local archery ranges, people were more than happy that bows weren’t delaminating or exploding in their hands. Not only were they staying together, they were remarkablyRead More →